Snow/weather days

A message from ESC Superintendent Jeff Kruse,
As we approach the time of year when snow/weather days are possible, I want to provide the tentative plan for snow/weather days at this point in time.  Currently the last day of school is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26.  This year school districts have the opportunity to use virtual learning days as an option to make up any snow/weather days.  Districts have also been provided guidance that breakfast and lunch do not need to be served on those virtual learning days, if utilized by a district for weather.  East Sac County currently plans to continue the practice of having snow days as in the past for the first two snow days.  If school is missed because of weather, no school will happen during those first two days.  If the district misses a 3rd day of school and beyond, the district will explore the option of having virtual learning days, if conditions allow staff to provide instruction.  More information will be provided if weather related decisions are necessary as we approach 2021.  It will be necessary for students who are allowed to take their computer home in case weather dictates an alternate learning plan and in some cases packets may be utilized.
It is the hope of all ESC staff that everyone has an enjoyable winter break.  Classes are scheduled to resume again on Monday, January 4.  It is the goal of the district to continue in-person instruction for as long as possible safely.  Thank you again as the district transitioned from in-person instruction to hybrid and back again to in-person instruction.

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