RAGBRAI volunteer help needed

The athletic boosters are looking for volunteers on July 25 for their RAGBRAI food stand at the Sac City Food Pride and are asking for your help! The athletic boosters do a lot to help us out by helping and providing funds for the athletic department, youth tournaments, concession stands, etc.
Enclosed, you will find a hyperlink to a GoogleSheet. On the GoogleSheet, are shifts with 20 slots available to sign up for. The following are the shifts to volunteer for:
1:00-3:30 (almost full)
Take a look at the GoogleSheet and please volunteer your time for one of these shifts. The athletic boosters support you and this food stand will generate a lot of income to continue supporting you in the future! Get a bunch of your friends together to work the same shift and have a blast!
Once have decided to volunteer for a shift please send your contact information to  Lewie Wright by email Lewie.Wright@essentiaproteins.com or cell:  712-660-0005. You may also contact him if you have any questions!

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