PPEL vote information

Proposed Facility Improvement Project and Sept. 8th PPEL vote Information

A letter from East Sac Superintendent Jeff Kruse clarifying a Voter-Approved PPEL ballot question can be seen HERE

Below you will find links to information about the Sept 8th PPEL vote and the proposed facility improvement projects for East Sac County Elementary and East Sac County High School buildings.

Click HERE to view a video of the PPEL community forum in Sac City on Aug. 24th.

Click HERE to view a video of the PPEL community forum in Wall Lake on Aug. 25th.

Letter to Registered Voters about the proposed project

ESC PPEL Brochure – Impact on taxes, what is a PPEL (physical plant and equipment levy), and sample ballot

2020002 East Sac Co Rendering Poster FEH DESIGN

Tax Impact Worksheet

ESC Tax impact worksheeet – find out how your taxes would be impacted.

How to use the Tax Impact Worksheet on the link above:  Enter data in the boxes in orange to get an accurate estimate of the $1.00 VPPEL impact on your property taxes.   Be Careful to NOT use assessed values from 2018 or earlier as assessed values declined in 2019 and/or 2020 but the rollback % increased.  You can enter each parcel of property that is owned in the ESC CSD if values are assessed differently or total acres if assessments are similar for agricultural ground.  Near the bottom of the form, you can enter the total number of acres.  Only include assessed acres in ESC, not acres in other school districts.  Enter a 0 in any orange boxes that do not pertain to you.

Video of ESC High School rendering – proposed project

Video of ESC Elementary rendering – proposed project

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