MS Chromebook Distribution

RE: Middle School Student Chromebook Distribution

Monday, April 6th 4-6pm Sac City Elementary

Tuesday, April 7th 4-6pm Lake View High School


ESC Middle School Parents,

Due to the new Voluntary Educational Enrichment activities that will be available online to all 5-12th grade students this week, East Sac County will be passing out the 5-8th grade Chromebooks to students. The computers can be picked up either at the Sac Elementary school tomorrow (Monday, April 6th) from 4-6pm or Lake View High School Tuesday, April 7th from 4-6pm, whichever place is most convenient for parents.

Parents are not required to pick up school computers. If you have a computer at home that your child can use they will still be able to access all the school’s enrichment activities through Google Classroom.

For the safety of all we ask everyone to followed these guidelines:

  1. DO NOT get out of your car – pull up to the school bus using the map for traffic flow for each location.
  2. Please leave your front passenger-side seat empty – the Chromebook will be placed in the seat with as little contact as possible
  3. Please bring your own pen to sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement in case of computer breakage while device is at home.
  4. Chromebooks will only be given to an adult – parents, guardians or caregivers. If one of the dates/locations doesn’t work for you please make an arrangement for someone else to pick up your child’s Chromebook and sign for “financial responsibility” for them.
  5. When school resumes or at the end of the school year, all school computers will be collected (more information to come at a later date).

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