East Sac County Middle School
300 S. 11th St.
Sac City, IA 50583
Phone: 712-662-3259
Fax: 712-662-4323


Our middle school is comprised of grades 5-8, and each grade averages about 70 students. Our school has four “wings” in which each grade occupies one wing, and each student has their own locker.

The middle school currently operates on an 9 period day which includes the classes of ELA and math (extended periods), science, and social studies for every student. Much of our student learning centers around communication and researching skills, technology integration, and productive work in groups.

Student schedules include explore classes which are rotated so students are able to experience topics of Financial Literacy, STEM, Book Club, Writing Workshop, Careers, Art, Family Consumer Science, Ag, Health, and Technology depending on the grade level of student. Our staff continues to move deeper into the Iowa Core Curriculum, Standards-Based Instruction, and assessment practices that align to the Iowa Core. East Sac Middle School prides itself in offering the following initiates and supports to students: excellent athletic programs, outstanding band and vocal music programs, very active student council, reading and math intervention, course recovery, positive behavior supports systems, and other initiatives that support the well being and growth of our students.

Join us at East Sac Middle School to begin your development in life.
Mr. Dennis Olhausen, East Sac Middle School Principal

The staff at East Sac Middle School believe in providing a culture for staff and students that supports learning and growth for all. Our focus is to help students develop in ways that will allow them to be successful not just on a test, but in the high school setting, and most importantly, in life. Through the development of skills, knowledge, problem-solving, and critical thinking students will be prepared for college and career success. Our goal is to keep students growing from their first day of school to their last.

MS Structure
East Sac Middle School is structured to be a collaborative decision making building. Each person on staff is a part of at least one, and usually multiple committees. Some of our committees are Scheduling, Initiative, Data, PBIS, Climate/Culture, and Departmental committees. Most of these committees will meet a minimum of once a month and often times more. Each committtee brings recommendations to the entire staff for further discussion on what is best for the system and students within it. From there, decisions can be made.

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