East Sac 1:1 Learning Initiative Information
Here you will find all information pertaining to the 1:1 Learning Initiative at East Sac County Schools grades 1-12. First through 4th grade students keep their computers at school.

Download the East Sac County Technology Acceptable Use Policy HereTo see “how to” videos from Apple on a wide variety of topics click HERE

Costs and Responsibilities
High School Student’s Book fee at Registration in August will be the only fee submitted for the laptop, but in the event of damage not covered by the Apple limited warranty that is due to a Student’s gross negligence, East Sac County reserves the right to charge the Student and Parents up to the full cost of repair or replacement as determined by school Administration. Examples of gross negligence include, but are not limited to:
– Leaving equipment unattended and unlocked. This includes damage while unattended and unlocked while at school.
– Lending equipment to anyone other than one’s parent/guardian
– Using equipment in an unsafe environment
– Using equipment in an unsafe manner
– Leaving equipment in extreme cold or hot temperatures (ex. car)
– Laptops left unattended may be confiscated by faculty or staff as a protection from theft and turned into the High School Office. Unattended and unlocked equipment, if stolen, even at school, will be the student’s responsibility.

What do I do if I want some software downloaded? (Self-Service)
All software that teachers will ask students to use for class will be available in the application called Self Service. Students will not be able to download any other applications onto their laptops. To get to Self Service press F4 on the keyboard and look for the Self Service icon. Look for the application that you need and click Install. All applications are categorized to the right (utilities, browsers, etc). Once you click on Install you should be able to go back to F4 and find your application.  If a teacher would like to add an application to Self Service for all students to have they can contact Mrs. Litterer or Robert with at least 3 days notice before the application is needed in the classroom.

How to connect to your H:drive on the school server.
To access your H:drive server space on a Mac click either on the desktop or the Finder in the Dock (the Mac smiley face), click on Go at the very top of the screen, then click “Connect to Server” at the bottom of the drop down menu. In the Server Address: box put in smb:// then click the + sign to the right to put it in the Favorite Servers section (you only have to do this the first time). Click Connect. In the next window take out the username and put in your login username and year of graduation (like you do when logging into a PC) ex. blitterer17. Put in your password and click connect. Click on Data. You will see everyone’s server folders but you will only be allowed to click and open those folders that you have been given access to (ex. your H drive, FFA folders, etc).

*If you want to make a shortcut from your H: drive to your desktop do the steps above. When you get to your folder click and hold the COMMAND and OPTION keys and drag the folder to your desktop. This should create a folder with a curved arrow on it indicating that it is just a “doorway” to your H: drive and not an entire copy of your H: drive. If you see that it is trying to copy your whole H: drive to your desktop, stop it by clicking on the x to the right of the progress bar and try again. When you want to drop documents into your H: drive simply drag them on top of the this folder and it will make a copy there. You will be asked to log into your H: drive with your username and password every time you restart your computer and click on that folder.

How do I back-up my documents?
The school is not responsible for backing up student laptops  from your laptop. The school takes no responsibility for lost documents, files, software, music, photos, or videos in the event that the laptops must be wiped clean for repairs. Students are fully responsible for backing up their own material.  There are several ways you can back-up your documents.
1. Download the Dropbox app and stop them there.
2. Back-up to the school’s H:drive
3. Use a flash drive
4. Use an external hard drive. These have much larger capacity than a flash drive and will hold all your files, music and photos.
* If an external hard drive is used, you can set up Time Machine to automatically back up all your files whenever it is plugged in. This is the most reliable, but also most costly way to back up your entire computer in the event that the hard drive would need to be replaced. An average 1TB external hard drive from Amazon is between $50-75. Smaller and larger hard drives can also be found.

Google Resources and Tutorials
Google SpreadSheet for Beginners
Google Presentation
Tips for Designed a Strong Google Presentation

How to set up email in Apple Mail
Open up the Mail application from the Dock (looks like a postage stamp). In the window click on “Add Other Mail Account…”. Continue. In the next window fill in your first and last name, your email address (ex. blitterer18) and your email password. If you don’t remember your school email password contact Mrs. Litterer to reset it. Click Create. Click Next. In the next window click on POP in Account Type. In the Mail Server put in:   wm.ia-hsdn.net  Click Next. In the next window put in 110 in the Port: box. Keep Authentication as Password. Next. In the Outgoing Mail Server Info window put in wm.ia-hsdn.net in the SMTP Server box. Put in your username (ex. blitterer18) and password. Create. Next. In the Outgoing Mail Server Info put in 587 for the Port. Create.

How do I put in a trouble ticket if I need help or repairs?
If your laptop is not working correctly (shows an error message, won’t boot up, has a broken part, or is not working in some way) you need to submit a trouble ticket to the IT department. From the front of the East Sac website click on Technology Trouble Tickets under Quick Links. On this page click on Submit Request at the left and fill out the entire form. The Asset Tag number is the number on the tag in the upper right corner of the lid of your laptop. In the message section please give a detailed description of what the problem is including any warning messages, what you were doing when the problem happened and any other important information that would help tech staff understand your laptop’s issue. These tickets are read throughout the day and you should expect a reply within 24 hrs. If your laptop is not working and cannot submit a ticket you can ask a teacher to help you.  If your laptop is not usable and need a loaner for the day either see Mrs. Litterer in her office or go to the office and they will contact her. Do not go without a computer!

What is the Dock and how can I customize it?

How to organized your stuff with folders
How do I right-click on a Mac?

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