High School Professional Development- 2019-20

Executive Functioning PD with Brianna Maschman

  • Zoom link for Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.
  • PPT link for Wk 1 (Apr 16)
  • Class modules: go to Canvas –> Your class: Supporting…Success: Executive Skills in Adolescents.
  • Signing up for credit. Go to AEA link
    • Click on Courses & Registration (on the left side)
    • Go down to the “How do I log in?” link & click on it.
    • Log in. This is the same place where we did Child Abuse training, etc. If you’re lucky, your name/password will be remembered for you. If not, contact Beth.
    • At the top, find “Courses” (3rd one from the left).
    • You’ll type in the name of the class. 4/16/2020: it’s not yet in the portal. I’ll update later.


High School Professional Development

Mar. 10 PD

Feb. 13 PD

Dec. 5 PD

Sept. 16 PD

Aug. 21 PD

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