Grab N Go meals

Grab N Go Meals
November 11-24, 2020
Starting Wednesday, November 11th, East Sac County Community School District will be going to a Hybrid Learning Schedule. Students have been divided up by their last name into a Red Group (A-K) and a Black Group (L-Z). Students will be attending school every-other day until Thanksgiving Break.
During this time ESC will be offering a Grab N Go meal to students who are not in school. Below is important information for families who want to take advantage of the Grab N Go Meal.
Grab N Go Meal Procedures:
1. Grab N Go Meals will be available for families to pick up at two different locations: East Sac County High School in Lake View or East Sac County Middle School in Sac City. Parents will need to call by 1:30 PM the day before if you want to be provided a meal. A breakfast and lunch will be available. Families should call the building that you will pick up your meal from. Please inform the administrative assistant
High School Phone Number: 712-665-5001
Middle School Phone Number: 712-662-3259
**To reserve a meal for tomorrow, Wednesday ONLY, parents can call a school TODAY until 4pm. All other days a call must be made by 1:30pm.
2. Pick Up Location: Meals can be picked up at the East Entry Way of the high school. Families picking up meals at the middle school may pick up their meal at The Middle School Courtyard on the northwest side of the building (Near the cafeteria).
3. Pick Up Times: Both breakfast and lunch will be picked up at 9:30am. Please inform the administrative assistant if you want a breakfast.
If you have any further questions please the high school or middle school.

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