Executive Functions 7-12

Executive Functioning Skills

  • EF skills- skills that help us with daily routines, school, work, friendships, playing, etc.
    • Examples: Working Memory, Planning/Prioritizing, Organization, Time Management, Goal-directed Persistence, Emotional Control, Task Initiation, etc.
  • They begin developing when we are newborns.
  • Some are not completely functional until we are in our twenties.
  • We apply skills that we learn to complete tasks (now & in new situations we encounter throughout life after school).

EF Resources (you will be “forced” to make a copy for each link below)

  1. Executive Functioning Skills- Definitions
  2. Student Survey DIRECTIONS
  3. Student Survey Forms
    1. 9-12 Online Version
    2. MS Online Version
    3. Paper Version
  4. EF Needs spreadsheet (Fall 2021)


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