Elementary packet distribution information

Elementary Packet Distribution Info


Teachers are busy preparing more learning opportunities with paper packets to last through May 28th.  They are also cleaning out desks and/or lockers to gather the students’ belongings to pick up as well.  Here is how it will work!

Who: One adult may come into the building to pick up their child’s things. We will have four staff members and will allow up to six other people in the building at once.

What:  Packet and belonging pick-up (**the nurse will contact anyone who has medications at school to get them back to you**)

When: Friday, May 1st  10:00am-12:00 or 5:00-7:00pm

Where:  Sac City and Wall Lake only (too much stuff to haul to other towns this round)


  • Enter the main doors of each building.  (Wall Lake please park on the east side by the main doors so as not to interfere with lunch pick-up on the north side).
  • If you bring back a library book, put in the box by the front entrance.
  • Packets and bags will be in the halls only.
  • A staff member can help you find your child’s pile.  **Please try not to touch anything in the building except your own child’s belongings.**
  • If you have something to drop off to the teacher, put it in the box by the teacher’s bags.
  • Pick up the stuff and head to the exit doors–Wall Lake out the north door, and Sac City out the southeast door (so it will be in one door, out another in a big circle).

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