Eastsac Music Boosters

East Sac Music Boosters

The Sac City Music Booster’s has recently been reorganized to the East Sac County Music Booster’s.  Our sole purpose is to provide support for the music/art programs in our schools.  As a Music Booster Club, we encourage support from students, parents, school staff and community members.  Over the years the Music Booster Club has helped with entry fees, transportation and housing costs for music contests and honors.  They have also given scholarships to further student’s education in music.  Money has been given to help buy new instruments as well as repair old and broken ones.

The Music Booster Club has previously tried to meet once a month depending on schedules.  The Music Boosters rely on memberships, cash donations,  as well as fundraising  activities for their means of support.  We ask that you consider making a cash donation to continue supporting our kids and the arts in our schools.

The following categories are for our membership:

Soprano Club – $10.00
Alto Club – $25.00
Tenor Club – $50.00
Bass Club – $100.00
Director’s Club – over $100.00

Please contact one of the music instructors at school if you wish to become a member of the East Sac County Music Boosters.  You also may contact one of our officers, Susan Baumhover, Tancy Becker or Dawn Potthoff.

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