Digital Learning Snow Days

Video explanation of Digital Learning Snow Days from High School Principal Kevin Litterer:



DATE:        FEBRUARY 1, 2021


East Sac County has developed a system when school cancels in-person learning due to inclement weather; ESC will be implementing a digital-learning snow day when advanced notice for the potential snow day is communicated.  Based on the data received from the community in a recent survey, this option was the most popular choice since our traditional snow days to date take us to Friday, May 28.  We will evaluate the effectiveness after our first digital-learning day to decide how to improve or discontinue the use of digital-learning days in the future.

Here are some basic guidelines that we have shared with students and staff:

  • Teachers will assign students meaningful activities that require them to respond or produce an-artifact for students to turn in either digitally or physically.  From 8-10:00 teachers will prepare and record lessons to post on Google Classroom or Canvas.
  • Teachers have explained learning expectations to their students in order to prepare them for this digital snow day.
  • All work/activities assigned are required and are due (physically or digitally) no later than the beginning of the next time the class meets. We realize some students may not have adequate access to technology, may be responsible for taking care of young siblings, etc., and thus not able to do their school work immediately.  If there are complications to completing this work, please contact your teacher.
  • The MINIMUM expectation for teachers is to be available by email during normal school hours (10:00-12:00 and then 1:00-3:30).  Anything beyond that will be up to the teachers but there is no expectation for synchronous (live) digital instruction by the teacher nor will teachers require synchronous attendance by the student.  Teachers may offer live Zoom or Google Meets sessions to students for instructional support.
  • Attendance will be based on the completion of the assigned activity in each class.

Digital-learning Snow Day Schedule:

8:00-10:00 Teachers will prepare and post required work for the day

10:00-12:00  Instructional Support Hours

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-3:30: Instructional Support Hours

Digital-learning days or the decision to cancel school will be made to the best of the district’s ability when advanced notice can be provided to families and students.

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