2021-22 Conferences

East Sac County 2021-22 Spring Conferences

Monday, February 21st and Thursday, February 24th 4-7:30pm

All conferences are face-to-face this spring, but Zoom and phone calls are also accepted – contact teacher to make arrangements.

Kindergarten – 12th grade student conferencesdone through JMC Family

Tutorial help video

1. Parents are asked to log into their JMC Family account https://eastsac.ia-hsdn.net/Parent/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fParent%2f  Your username is the parents/guardian’s last name (not the student’s last name) and the password is whatever you gave the school. If you don’t know your password or are having issues please email Beth Litterer at blitterer@eastsac.k12.ia.us or call the HS office at 712-665-5001.

2.  On the left side list of items go to Teacher Conferences Scheduler. 

3. Choose your K-12 grade child, choose the teacher you want to conference with, choose a date & time that works for you. That’s it! No save button!

* PRESCHOOL PARENTS/GUARDIANS – Due to the nature of extended conference hours for preschool that are different than other teachers,  preschool parents/guardians should go to one of the links below to sign up for their child’s conference.

Niehaus: https://signup.com/go/vgFUeOr

Jurgens: https://signup.com/go/KAZwBWh



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