2021-22 Conferences

East Sac County 2021-22 Conferences

All conferences are face-to-face this fall, but Zoom and phone calls are also accepted.

Elementary and High School ConferencesParents are asked to sign up for a time slot to speak with their child’s teacher(s) through SignUp.com. https://signup.com/go/SmJbevm  This link can be used for both elementary and high school teachers and time slots can be reserved using a cell phone or computer with the above link.


*All elementary parents are asked to sign up for a conference time through Sign-Up.com for their child. 

*High School conferences will be face-to-face on Monday, Nov. 1st and Zoom ONLY on Thursday, Nov. 4th.  When you sign up for a time, if you choose Thursday you will be signing up for a Zoom conference. Make sure to put in the comments box “requesting a Zoom conference”.

*In an effort for high school teachers to be more prepared for a student’s conference, we request parents sign up for a time slot, but walk-in conferences are also an option.

To use SignUp.com:

1. Click on the link above. Find the name of the teacher you wish to conference with, click on View (orange circle with an arrow on a cell phone).

2. Select the date and time in the list that works for you, click on Sign Up (in green). You can sign up with your Google or Facebook account or your personal email address. Click Next.

3. Enter you name and phone number (please keep the # of time slots to 1). Click Save and Done.

4. If you would like the conference to be via Zoom or phone call, in the Comments box below your requested time please put “requesting a Zoom conference.” The teacher will be in contact with you via your email address with the Zoom link to connect with on conference day. (on a cell phone click on the time you chose, click on Comments and type in “requesting a Zoom conference,” click on Post.

5. At the top of the page click on Save (in blue) to save your reserved spot.

6. If you would like to schedule another teacher for a conference go to “Go back to all Signups” at the top of the page to see the full list of elementary and high school teachers.


Middle School Conferences  – All conferences are walk-in, face-to-face on Monday and Thursday, no sign up time needed. If a parent would like to have a Zoom conference with a middle school teacher please contact that teacher via email to arrange a date and time.



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